Preferred Face Masks is a Community face covering intended for the general public. The face coverings are comfortable, effective for everyday use, and reusable. They are a sustainable and ecological alternative to other disposable options. Additionally, they are environmentally safe, and still effective after many washings. 


  • 3 ply Preferred Shield Face Covering is comprised of a durable cotton outer shell, an inner polyester layer, and a polyester interlining.

  • This face covering helps to protect against most types of dust, pollen, mold spores, pet hair and dander, various bacteria, allergens, and airborne effluents.

  • Soft, moisture wicking inner lining is comfortable and helps the face covering feel cooler.

  • Dual extra-wide heads straps provide a secure, comfortable fit for all adult sizes.

  • Elasticized sides to help assure a good fit.

  • Washable - depending upon use.

  • Suitable for persons with latex allergies


Preferred Face Mask is a community mask intended for the general public.


Mask may be used when FDA cleared masks are unavailable.



Cloth Reusable & Washable Face Coverings (Pack of 100)

  • Wash Procedure: Rinse by hand with warm water and mild laundry detergent. To sanitize rinse in 5% bleach and rinse thoroughly in clean water. Air Dry.

  • To ensure adherence to current health and safety guidelines due  to
    COVID-19 and the nature of Masks being worn on the face, we are not
    accepting any returns on these items whether they are open or unopened.